Electrical Installation

As services and technology become more advanced, homes no longer consist of simply a TV and telephone point. Technology must be designed and integrated into a new home providing for the needs of the client and the family. QCON provides tailored solutions for each individual client's needs, designed for sustainability and longevity.

Our Electrical services include:

  • Sleek lighting control, both interior and exterior systems
  • Internal heating systems controlled from your laptop while away
  • Ventilation and heating systems
  • Touch-screen controls for individual room audio
  • Home cinema and surround sound packages
  • Built-in multi-room music systems
  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Home networking and internet/broadband facilities
  • Building Management Systems

We source high-end electrical product ranges from which our clients can select the range best suited to the design and interior of the house. We have access to a team of lighting, audio, data and communication designers and suppliers that provide the system best suited to your budget and needs.