Environmental Policy

QCON continually seeks ways to prevent pollution and minimise the effects of its office and site-based activities on the environment. To implement this policy the company will:

  • Adopt as principles the prevention of pollution and waste and the efficient use of materials and energy.
  • Keep abreast of relevant environmental legal requirements and emission standards and comply with them.
  • Review its activities and determine those, which could have a significant impact on the environment.
  • Set objectives and targets for the progressive reduction of significant impacts.
  • Establish a programme with timescales to meet the targets and review progress against those targets periodically.
  • Implement an environmental management planning procedure for site base activities to ensure that environmental requirements are identified and managed to the extent that they are under the control of the company. Such control will be integrated with the existing management system for Quality, Safety and Health and will cover the activities carried out by sub contactors for whom the company is responsible for as main contractor.
  • Expect its sub contractors to comply with this policy and meet environmental requirements.
  • Provide the necessary awareness and training to enable staff at all levels to understand and contribute to the implementation of the policy.
  • Maintain a policy for continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System and environmental performance.

This policy will be communicated to all employees and sub contractors and will be available to the public on request. The management structure and the responsibilities of the company employees are contained in this Environmental Policy Document and in the Environmental Operating Procedures that give effect to the objectives set out above. As the Environmental Management System is an integral part of the management process existing in the company, the Directors require the active co-operation of all members of staff to ensure the effective delivery of services to clients.

Mark Quinn, Managing Director January 2009